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World War ll Vocab

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2.A German word that means lightning war, which describes the attacks made by the Germans in WW ll.
6.When the U.S. joined WW ll, many Americans recycled and rationed food and items to help the war effort.
12.The two places in Japan where the atomic bombs were dropped and thousands of people died.
13.A bomb that explodes and makes a mushroom cloud and kills many people. The U.S. made the first atomic bomb.
14.Indians who made a special code for the Allies to communicate without the Axis Powers breaking the code.
16.Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin joined an alliance together.
17.The people in the government believe the government is more important than the people.
18.The U.S. withdrew troops in two Latin American Nations and lifted the Platt Amendment.
19.A group of people who were German, in the Aryan race. They believed they were superior to Jews and non-German people. The group was made by Hitler.
21.Camps where Jews were sent to be worked until they starved or died of disease.
23.Propaganda that represented women working and helping out in the war effort in the U.S.
24.Acts passed by Congress to attempt to keep the U.S. out of foreign conflicts.
26.Japan began using suicide bombers to defeat the Allied forces. Japanese pilots flew solo and sacrificed their lives to take out an American ship.
27.On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed many U.S. ships and killed many people.
28.A dictator who came to power in Germany and had a hatred of Jews. He wrote a book called Mein Kampf.
29.FDR's Vice President who took over after FDR died and made the decision to drop the atomic bomb in Japan.
30.Mass killings of a group or race of people.
1.After WW One, Germany was forced to take responsibility for starting the war.
3.The president of the United States during World War ll.
4.An economic hardship in the 1930's when business activity slows down, unemployment rises, and people begin to blame their government for their country's problems.
5.The dictator who came to power in Italy.
7.When a single party controls the government and every aspect of the lives of the people.
8.The U.S. went from island to island and surrounded the Axis forces, bombing the island and keeping supply ships from going to the island. The soldiers on the island would die from starvation.
9.The killing of people using fire.
10.In the U.S., Japanese Americans were taken out of their homes and sent to internment camps.
11.Nicknames for atomic bombs-Little Boy was dropped in Hiroshima and Fat Man was dropped in Nagasaki.
15.A dictator of a totalitarian state who xame to power in the Soviet Union
20.A U.S. ship that was destroyed in Pearl Harbor from the Japanese attack.
22.The book Hitler wrote in prison that means "My Struggle". In the book, Hitler blamed the Jews for the country's problems.
25.A day known as the largest amphibibious invasion in human history when the Allies used 5,000 ships and 500,000 soldiers to attack Normandy, France.

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