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World War II Vocabulary

Amber White

Amber White B-4 Honor's English Comprehension # 1

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2.a society in which a powerful lord allows people to work the land in return for military service
4.the countries aligned against Germany, Japan, and Italy
6.a group of performers formed during World War II to entertain American troops
7.prison camps constructed to hold Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and others
10.May 8, 1945
13.the energy emitted from an atomic bomb
14.the extermination of the European Jews, Slavs, and many other groups by the Nazis
16.the civilian effort and activity at home in support of war waged overseas
18.Nazi code for physical destruction of a racial, cultural, or political group
22.the alliance made up of Germany, Japan, and Italy
24.a military post
25.term used to describe both extermination camps and concentration camps
26.acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party
27.a group of ten to twenty or more planes or a section of a naval fleet
28.a group of ships or vehicles that travel together, and are usuallly protected by armed guards
29.act of causing others to suffer
1.those who commit deliberate acts of destruction
3.Nazi camps fixed with gassing equipment for the mass murder of Jews
5.Japanese pilots who committed suicide by crashing their planes into Allied ships
8.fighters trained for dangerous missions
9.a person or group of persons unfairly blamed for wrongs done by others
10.August 15, 1945
11.a person or nation that seeks to avoid getting involved in the problems of other countries
12.a person or nation who seeks to increase in size, power, and influence
15.place where the first atomic bomb was dropped in August of 1945
17.prejudices or discriminations against the Jews
19.explosive designed to create fires
20.a bomb that explodes violently due to the rapid release of atomic energy
21.a fixed and limited amount of something
23.control of a country taken over by a foreign military power
24.deliberate, systematic destruction of a racial, cultural, or political group

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