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A puzzle designed to help students review and study for their WWI test in US History.

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1.Ordinary Americans could help the war effort by buying these.
3.This boat sank in 1917 with 128 Americans on board. The "Yellow Press" circulated the story, which caused many Americans to want war with Germany.
10.These grew as big as the size of cats in the trenches because they feasted on the bodies of dead men.
11.Germany invaded France though _______, which caused Great Britain to enter the War.
12.This means "an end to fighting." In WWI, it was signed on 11/11/1918 at 11am.
17.This "plan" was put into affect by Germany to avoid a two-front war with France and Russia.
18.Though the US was officially neutral at the beginning of the war, this "movement" called for the building of camps to train soldiers.
23.The entanglement of these was the main cause for WWI.
26.This "act" called for a manditory draft of 3 million Americans during WWI.
28.The name of the alliance of Russia, France, and Great Britain prior to WWI.
29.This was one of the underlying causes of WWI. It is an inflated sense of pride for one's country.
30.The country blamed by Austria Hungary for harboring members of the Black Hand after the assassination of the Archduke.
2.This was originally created during WWI to allow farmers an extra hour of daylight to harvest crops and to conserve fuel used to light factories at night.
4.This "pledge" was a promise by the Germans not to sink US ships without warning. It was later broken.
5.This new military technology was originally developed to break through no-man's land and into an enemy trench.
6.Though used for combat in WWII, this new military technology was used mostly for spying on the other side's location during WWI.
7.This new technology was developed by the Germans to break the British blockade in the North Atlantic.
8.The name for France, Great Britain, and Russia after WWI begins.
9.This "telegram" was intercepted by the British and shared with US officials. In it, Germany attempted to persuade Mexico to attack the United States.
13.The name of the alliance of Germany, Austia-Hungary, and Italy prior to WWI.
14.This was one of the underlying causes for WWI. It is used to describe when one nation dominates another politically, economically, and culturally.
15.A disease that plagued soldiers on the front lines because of the wet conditions in trenches.
16.The name for Germany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies after WWI officially begins.
19.Ordinary Americans could help the war effort by _________ food and fuel.
20.The name of the Austrian Archduke whose assassination was the spark that ignited WWI.
21.These were defensive ditches dug by soldiers on the front lines during WWI.
22.This "act" was used to prosecute those deemed as being against the war effort.
24.This was one of the underlying causes for WWI. It is described as the build-up of arms around the world.
25.This country pulled out of the War in 1917 because of a pair of revolutions.
27.An defensive system by which goods and soldiers were transported to Europe to damage from German submarines.

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