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Bedazzled by Chess

Steven Nicholls

All questions are relating to chess one way or the other! Answers can be found here: http://achessworld.blogspot.com

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  12 13     14              
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21                   22            
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  37                   38              

4.Take a firm hold of this and you will win the game
5.Another name used in an opening also an animal
7.Someone once said they are the soul of chess
10.Name of an opening
11.If you don't have this give up chess
13.This is a well known trap named after an animal
15.Sometime you lose this way even though you might be winning
17.One of the last pieces to move
21.Polite greeting
22.This will decide if you win or lose
24.Last name of the strongest woman chess player
25.Everyone should have one
28.End of the game
30.Why sit on your hands
32.Part of the phase of the game
33.Fast game of chess
37.A word used when your pawn reaches the eighth rank
38.Someone you nominate as group leader in your school
39.Another name of an opening named after a country
40.Two pieces are being attacked at the same time
41.special way of taking a pawn off the board for free
1.World Chess Champion
2.Has greater mobility than any other piece
3.Strongest Russian chess player
4.Something you do to make the king safe
6.You either accept it or decline it
8.Number of squares on the board
9.If you do not do this you will not get better
11.Name of a defense
12.Last name of child chess prodigy 17 years old
14.A piece is not able to move
16.Names of openings are named after these
18.Travels along diagonals
19.Can never be taken off the board
20.Creates a circle and is best placed in the center of the board
23.When two pieces are being attacked at the same time
26.Slower game of chess
27.Very important in the opening
29.You visit another school to play in this
31.This is used to speed up a game
34.One of four players to break 2800 in the history of chess
35.You see this the more you play
36.A very important person that helps your chess

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