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Chess Terminology

Diana Durham- EducationalChess.com

This puzzle has a variety of basic chess terms, middle game terminology and pawn structures.

1 2      
5       6        
7 8                 9
11           12              
13               14         15      
  16     17                    
  18           19          
  21       22      

2.Numbered row that goes across the board
3.When a piece cannot move or should not move
5.When you attack the King and it has no way of defending, game over!
8.Two pawns next to each other
10.Tie, can be done in different ways
11.Special piece, can skip over others
12.Another word for points
13.a1-h8; slanted row of squares across the board
14.Special rule- when two paws pass each other by...(2 words)
16.When one piece attacks two (2 words)
18.Dangerous pawn that is headed to promotion
19.When you attack two pieces on the same rank, file or diagonal
20.The best piece
21.Moves up and across the board
22.The smallest piece on the board
23.Lettered column across the board
1.When an opponent's piece is attacked by moving another out of the way (2 words)
4.What you are supposed to say when you attack the King
6.The most important piece
7.Weak unsupported pawn that protects another pawn
9.One pawn with no pawn on the adjacent files
13.Two pawns in front of each other
15.When the King is not attacked, but it has nowhere safe to go to, draw
17.Loves open spaces, worth at least three points

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