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Webster V. Bear

1 2 3
4       5                    
6   7    
  8         9
  10                   11                  
  13           14           15    
17               18 19                          
  20     21                          
    23     24           25    
          26     27
  28         29       30    
32   33               34       35  
37     38       39        
40       41       42     43        
45         46     47 48     49          
      50     51    
52 53         54      
56         57          

5.Creation of musical or literary work
10.State famous for apples
11.An official who collects funds
13.Large unbroken expanse
14.The Teddy Bear was created for him
17.A metal heating stove
19.Celebrating 200 years
21.Liberty Bell is found here
22.Disease affecting brain and spinal cord
24.April 13 is a holiday in Alabama in honor of him
28.Indian tribe
31.Sculptured figure
33.First name of the First President
34.Semi Precious Metal
36.Trip somewhere
38.Covered river boat with shallow draft
40.Metric unit of mass
41.Change something to opposite
44.Sample obtained by drilling
45.Large,talloned bird
47.Name of Sacagawea's baby son
49.Native American
50.Popular myth of recent origin
53.Roman God of commerce
55.Precious metal
56.Large sea
57.Slang for Cent
58.The Lone Star State
1.Large humped animal
2.Short expression of guiding principle
3.Remember something ceremonially
6.Mass of metal
7.Estate of Thomas Jefferson
8.Martha Washingtons maiden name
9.In a westerly direction
12.American wild ox
15.Large African Mammal
16.First State Quarter in 2004
18.Equipment used to keep or make something smooth and uncreased
20.Tenth part, tithe
22.To give a resistant quality to
23.Both became presidents due to assassination
25.Lewis and Clark Guide
26.Degree of inclination
27.Gateway to Discovery
29.Visible facing an observer
30.Assassin of Abraham Lincoln
32.To provide with lodging
35.A mistake
37.Period during which something was created
38.President after Eisenhower
39.Issues were raised about his initials
42.Lightly cooked
43.Reddish metallic element
48.Favorite cookie of Webster
51.Point near the beginning or the end
52.Praiseworthy Character
54.Series of grooved lines that encircle the perimeter of a coin

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