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Cooking Terms Crossword Puzzle


Foods 1 Cooking Terms

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5.heating a liquid until bubbles break the surface (212°F for water at sea level)
6.To add air or remove lumps from an ingredient.
7.Cook in an oven surrounded by dry heat.
8.To mix two or more ingredients together with a spoon, beater or electric blender until combined.
10.Rub the inside surface of a pan with shortening to prevent food from sticking.
11.A small glob of soft food, such as whipped cream or mashed potatoes.
13.A technique used to mix and work a dough in order to form it into a cohesive, pliable mass using the palms of your hands.
15.To beat an ingredient or combination of ingredients until the mixture is soft, smooth and "creamy." Often a recipe calls for creaming a fat, such as butter, or creaming a mixture of butter and sugar
16.To cut food into very small pieces.
20.To cook in fat in a skillet over moderate heat, letting the fat acculumate.
21.To beat ingredients, such as egg whites, cream, etc., thereby incorporating air into them and increasing their volume until they are light and fluffy
22.The perfumy outermost skin layer of citrus fruit (usually oranges or lemons), which is removed with the aid of a grater.
23.A technique used to gently combine a light, airy mixture (such as beaten egg whites) with a heavier mixture (such as whipped cream or custard)using a rubber scraper.
1.Cut into 1/2 inch or wider strips or box-like form.
2.Cut food into flat pieces of the same slice.
3.Cut into less than 1/2 inch strips or box-like form.
4.To mix using a circular or figure 8 motion.
7.To cook food directly under or above the heat source.
9.To coat a food with flour, sugar,or bread crumbs.
10.Cut into tiny particles by rubbing across the small rough holes of a kitchen tool.
12.To cook food in a skillet without fat and pouring off the fat as it accumulates.
14.Heat liquid to just below the boiling point; tiny bubbles form on the edge of the saucepan.
17.Cut into coarse irregular pieces, using a knife , or food processor.
18.To cook food quickly in a small amount of oil in a skillet or sauté pan over direct heat.
19.To distribute solid fat into a flour mixture using a pastry blender so the fat particles become tiny pieces.

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