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800 Call-KC Disney Theme Puzzle

Mel Watkins

1 2           3
4   5 6 7    
9                     10                        
11   12                 13   14  
15         16                      
          18                     19        
21                         22  
    24   25                    
  26       27              
30             31 32   33
        34     35                    
36                       37
    38                           39                  
  41       42     43      
          44   45  
46                                 47    
      48   49   50                  
54         55 56                       57              

2.Prince John's slithery henchman
9.A jealous fairy
10.Kind of bugs that terrorize Flik and his fellow ants in A Bug's Life
12.Evil Puppeteer
16.Makes only his eyes and grin visible
18.Grimsby is the advisor th what Disney Prince?
19.Scamp's father
21.Names of the two moose from Brother Bear
23.Kind of pets owned by Roger and Anita Radcliffe
25.What kind of animal is Tantor?
27.Kind of food served in Tony and Joe's restaurant in Lady and the Tramp
28.Sings "Rumbly in My Tumbly"
29.Says the magic words "Higitus Figitus"
30.Animated character known as a "jungle bum"
35.Animated movie featuring the kittens Marie, Berloiz, and Toulouse
36.1998 Disney animated feature set in China
38.Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are fairies in this Disney movie
39.His nose grows when he lies
40.Workplace of the Seven Dwarfs
42.Marlin and Coral's son
46.Animated movie about a family of superheroes
50.Sings "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
52.Their motto is "We Scare Because We Care"
53.Rings the bells of Notre Dame
54.Monstro from Pinocchio
55.Stepmother who has an evil pet cat named Lucifer (Cinderella's stepmother)
57.First fully computer-generated Disney/Pixar animated movie
58.Has a very bad temper and only likes red roses
1.Group whose motto is "Fish are friends, not food"
2.Very long word made famous in Mary Poppins
3.Also known as "Experiment 626"
4.Has a fairy godmother
5.What is Pocahontas' grandmother?
6.Self-proclaimed "king of the swingers"
7.Kind of animal Lilo thinks Stitch is
8.Leader of the Seven Dwarfs
11.Pinocchio's father
13.This movie has a lighthouse, an orphan boy, and an invisible dragon
14.Meeko and Flit's friend
15.Calypso-style song from The Little Mermaid
17.Is accused of having "laser envy"
20.Is from Sector Four of the Gamma Quadrant
22.What kind of animal is King Richard?
24.You need faith, trust and a little bit of this to fly
26.2002 Disney animated feature set in Hawaii
30.Four legged character whose father is known as the Great Prince
31.Mrs. Jumbo's son
32.2002 Disney animated feature set in the future
33.Mystical baboon from The Lion King
34.Where Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet live
37.Nemo is what kind of fish?
41.King Triton's Daughter
43.Villain from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
44."No Worries"
45."The Evil Eye" in the Rescuers
47.What are Victor, Hugo and Laverne?
48.Mulan's guardian dragon
49.Nemo's teacher
51.Sings "Poor Unfortunate Souls"
56.Aladdin's monkey sidekick

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