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Test your flyfishing knowledge

Curtis Carter

A test for flyfishermen to examine their knowledge of the sport.

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7                 8 9
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  13           14
  17                 18          
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    28 29        

3.area on a stream where water flows to lower elevation
5.Rosenbauer says this is the number one fly
7.over 500 species of this bug
10.a fluid applied to a dry fly to make it float
12.the distance between the point of a hook and shank
15.the "art of fishing"
17.flow of water below a dam
18.called the 'most beautiful trout"
19.the real sportsman used this type of hook
21.DO is an abbreviation for dissolved ________
23.brook trout is actually a ______
25.indian word for "land of many uses"
27.these are true flies and tiny
29.wicker basket to hold fisherman's catch
30.most fly tyers try this one first
32.the term 6x commonly refers to this
33.category of flies that imitate crickets
34.caddis that thrives in cold water
35.called "the father of American fly fishing"
36.fin on back of a trout is called the ________
1.common knot used to tie fly line to leader
2.elusive fish found in Alaska and Canada
3."catch and -------"
4.underwater stage of certain insects
6.small crustacean
8.subspecies of trout in alkaline desert waters
9.type of fly used in saltwater fly fishing
11.Mayflies are also called __________
13.WF8F refers to a weight __________ fly line
14.term for a small fish
16.a rainbow but not a rainbow
20.pileup of trees in a stream
22.leaders are made of this
24.caddis flies lay their eggs _____________
26.cross between a brook and a brown
28.last stage of mayfly life cycle
29.A Southern River named "one of the best."
31.browns may also be called _______ trout

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