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Photography Terms

Kyle Leaberry

Photography terms to help students in photography I.

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1.A camera that sets the settings its self
4.The shutter speed that makes the shutter stay open as long as you press the button
5.The object on top of the camera that holds a flash
6.A print that is made larger then the negative
8.Photographs of people that the subject is unknown
11.To keep chemistry in a gentle motion to devolop the film or photographic paper
13.The object that holds the pictures in a camera
14.Two photographs on one piece of photographic paper
17.A camera that focus by its self
18.The amount of space that the photograph is in focus
19.The chemical that stops the developer
20.The light from behind the subject that goes to the camera
23.A part of the photograph that is in the back
25.The area where you develop photographic paper and film
26.The sdjudtment that sets the sharpness of the photograph
27.Cutting off part of a photograph while printing the picture
28.The object in the darkroom that enlarges the negative
29.The opening in the camera that lets light through
31.The range of dark and light areas in a photograph
32.The number that repersents the sensitivity of the film
2.A camera you have to set
3.The area in the front of the photography
4.Placement of light and dark areas in a photograph
7.Taking extra pictures to find out what the correct exposure should be
9.Where you put the film when processing film
10.The arrangement of elements in a photograph
12.The chemical that makes the film clearer when processing film
15.To give an area of a photograph lighter then the rest of the photograph
16.A print made by having the photograph under the negative
21.A photograph that is closer then it should be
22.The layer of sensitive ingredients on photographic paper
23.To give an area of a photograph darker then the rest of the photograph
24.The chemical used to make the photograph show up on photographic paper and film
28.The light allowed to act on photographic material
30.The object on the camera that lights light out to add light to the photograph

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