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A Quilter's Glossary

Karen Pollard

This crossword is designed for quilters to practice their definitions of quilting terms.

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1.Any quilt pattern that uses a single shape for the pieced top (2 Words)
4.A method of dyeing fabric where some areas are covered by wax to make designs
5.An individual fabric shape joined with other pieces to make a quilt block
7.A style of quilt piecing in which strips of fabric are first sewn into horizontal sets, then cut and arranged in vertical steps
8.The Top, Batting and Backing
9.Traditional plain woven cotton fabric printed in small repeated deigns
11.Various webs or interfacings which can be ironed onto fabric for support
12.Conversation or Craft prints (2 Words)
13.An organization of quilters
14.A style of quilting stitching which lies almost in the seams of a block (3 Words)
18.Fabric which looks handwoven
19.Novelty Prints (2 Words)
21.The thickness, height or resilience of quilt batting
23.The basic method of making a quilt by sewing many small pieces of fabric together
25.A plain, usually undyed cotton fabric; available bleached or unbleached
27.Sewing blocks or sections of blocks together in an assembly line fashion (2 Words)
30.Joining a border at a 45 degree angle (2 Words)
32.A small circular or oval device used to hold the layers together during quilting
33.Long stitches used to hold fabric layers together temporarily
35.The migration of fibers from the batting which pass through the quilt top forming a fuzz
37.A fabric cutting tool with a circular blade (2 Words)
38.Piecing so as to make sure the corners are not cut off by a seam (2 Words)
42.The legnthwise and crosswise threads of a woven fabric
43.Assembling a block by sewing fabric onto a piece of muslin or plain fabric (2 Words)
45.Small pieces of fabric are hand sewn to a background fabric to form designsa
46.Half of a Half yard of fabric (2 Words)
48.The diagonal direction across the surface of a woven fabric at a 45 degree angle
49.The top layer (2 Words)
50.The third layer of a quilt
51.The basic unit of a quilt top; usually square but can be other shapes
52.The woven threads in a fabric which run across the width of a fabric during weaving
53.A strip of fabric or pieced strip joined to the edges of a quilt to frame it
54.Simply ironing downward not moving the iron back and forth
55.A quilter's collection of fabrics
56.The outer edge of both sides of a woven piece of fabric
2.A family of 3 X 3 blocks used as the basis of hundreds of quilt blocks (2 Words)
3.A quilt with a central motif
4.The straight grain of fabric which is often folded double to cover the raw edge and batting of a quilt
6.A raised, dimensional surface created by putting additional batting into areas to sculpt the surface
10.A quilt pattern written and made in steps to hide the final appearance until the very last (2 Words)
11.A method of quilting where the feed dogs are lowered or covered and the quilter controls the movement of the fabric (2 Words)
15.The cutting of a specific area of fabric to use the image or motif (2 Words)
16.A method of handpiecing where paper templates are used inside the block elements (3 Words)
17.Solid colors of plain woven fabric used for quilting
20.A shape cut from cardboard or plastic used to make multiple units
22.A quilt made of many many small patches where each piece is a different fabric (2 Words)
24.A tube of fabric sewn to the back of a quilt to allow it to be displayed at home or a quilt show (2 Words)
26.A small even running stitch made through all three layers of a quilt to hold them together. (2 Words)
28.A quilt made by a group of people for one person; often signed (2 Words)
29.Quilting using a very long bed commerical machine (3 Words)
31.A stype of cotton that is a cross between Egyptian and Upland cotton; longer in fiber length and more lustrous (2 Words)
33.The middle layer of a quilt
34.A quilt made of unprinted fabrics in deep and rich jewel tones with much black or navy (2 Words)
36.Made from randomly placed blocks or patches; often heavily embellished (2 Words)
39.A simple folded fabric triangle made in multiples and attached as a decorative edge finish (2 Words)
40.Persian quilting using an applique method (2 Words)
41.A block arrangement in which a block is placed with its corners up and down and to the sides (2 Words)
44.The mechanical teeth on a sewing machine (2 Words)
46.A large free standing floor apparatus made from wood or plastic to hold the layers together
47.The threads put on a loom under tension; raised and lowered to allow the other threads to pass through

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