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Spinning Crossword Puzzle

ACHG News Letter Committee

2   3
4             5            
  6   7   8  
9                     10   11  
13           14     15        
  16     17             18    
19                   20             21
  25                   26 27   28      
29                   30          
32         33                        
35     36         37     38      
    40   41                    
42                   43            
46           47                

4.the foot pedal that turns the main wheel
5.two upright pieces of wood that hold the flyer
7.a tighter-than-normal rolag traditionally used with cotton
9.The animal that produces "mohair" (2 words)
10.The small tool that is used to help form and even top in wool combing
12.winding two or more yarns together
13.the sheered coat of wool off of a sheep
15.the weighted part of a dropspindle that helps it to spin
16.very thin roving (2 words)
19.A cellulose fiber collected from the perennial shrub from the genus Gossypium
20.a staff that holds the flax or wool fibers which are drawn from as the spinner needs them when spinning.
22.finger sized roll of carded wool, ready for spinning to make woolen yarn
23.Yarn with an unusual character
24.A four horned, spotted sheep
25.the straight piece of wood or wire that connects the treadle to the axle/crank
27.The most accurate way of determining wool grades
29.double-ended tool used in skeining spun yarn (2 words)
32.A cylinder of coiled, prepared fibers ready for spinning
33.grease wool that has had the dirty edges removed all the way around (2 words)
34.yarn spun with a counterclockwise twist (2 words)
35.A plant with a large prickly head used for raising or fulling fabric
38.The product of a "worm"
41.Sheep breed with blue head, ears and legs
42.The product of plying two or more plyed strands together (2 words)
43.A manufactured fiber made from long-chain synthetic polymers
44.Yarn from a reel
46.A blue dye
47.the pulling out of fibers to allow only a certain amount of the fiber to twist into yarn
48.the opening or eye of the spindle on a treadle spinning wheel
1.a mature female sheep
2.the unwashed fiber as it comes off of a sheep (2 words)
3.The matting together of fibres
6.Both the flyer and bobbin are driven by belts from the "large" wheel (2 words)
8.short fibers removed when combing the fleece
11.yarn spun with a clockwise spin (2 words)
14.Home of Ashford (2 words)
17.used to process long stapled wool for worsted spinning
18.Native American double coated sheep (2 words)
19.In 1912 a Lincoln and Rambouillet were crossed to creat the
20.a stick with a weighted whorl that is used to twist fibers into thread (2 words)
21.long tube of carded wool, produced by carding machines
26.length of a lock of fleece or a single fiber
27.maidens, flyer and bobbin (3 words)
28.a pair of brushes used to smooth and straighten fibers for spinning
30.Material obtained from the stems of certain types of plants. These include flax, hemp, jute, ramie, milkweed, and nettles. (2 words)
31.amount of curl in a lock of fleece
32.carded hunks of fiber as it comes off of a drumcarder
36.a bundle of flax prepared for spinning after the tow has been removed
37.the short fibers left after flax is combed out
39.Bluefaced or Border
40.The process of applying a permanent color to fiber
45.the u-shaped device on a treadle spinning wheel that twists the yarn

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