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English and Western Tack

Stephannie & Colin

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1.Sometimes referred to the girth in English riding, this item secures your saddle to your horse.
4.This small area is located under the cantle on an English saddle
6.This piece is located behind the cantle of a Western saddle
7.This item, when properly attached, keeps your saddle from sliding under your horses's stomach
8.One of two on a Western saddle. Used to secure the saddle on the horse
11.There are three of these on an English saddle, usually only two are used at a time.
12.These attach directly to the bit and are used to control the direction of the horses's head.
13.It's very important to wear the proper shoes when your feet go in these often metal items.
14.This piece is used to secure the bit under the horses's chin in western riding
16.These two connect the bit to the headpiece of a bridle
17.Also known as the noseband.
20.Another, less commonly known name for the fender
21.This is an area of space under the English saddle- if not present, then your tree is probably broken and it's time to get a new saddle.
1.A usually small decorative piece on a Western saddle
2.This can be used with either the right or left ear, depending on your preference.
3.This small leather piece ensures that the buckles stay fastened and don't rub any other part of the saddle.
5.This item is featured in both English and Western saddles and is a good place to sit.
9.This style of riding uses a saddle similar to an English saddle. It's national organization initials are as follows: USDF
10.This puts pressure on a horse's poll when the reins are tightened and is a part of the bridle.
14.A type of bit commonly used in Western riding.
15.You often have to move your horses's forelock when adjusting this piece of an English bridle
18.This bit is commonly used in English riding and is one of the more gentle to use in a horse's mouth
19.This is used during cattle roping and make this style of saddle highly recognizable.

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