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All about April

K. Khalid

1 2 3                        
10   11              

3.Enjoy a big pecan pie on April 14, ______________ Day! (2 Words)
4.Find help for your school report by asking the librarian on _________ day, April 4! (2 Words)
7.Falling on the last Friday in April, this is the Tree Planter's holiday. (3 Words)
8.The egg ______ has vitamins B3 and B2.
10.Third Monday in April is _____ Day. It commemorates the Battle of Lexington & Concord, which began the Revolutionary War.
13.The egg ______ is made of calcium carbonate.
14.This year, ______ falls on April 9. This is when the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated by processions in which palm fronds are carried. (2 Words)
15.Did you know the _____ of the zucchini plant is edible! Yes!
1.It's time to make some zucchini bread! One zucchini is called a _____.
2.Read a story to your children on ___________ Day, April 2. (2 Words)
3.This day, on April 30, encourages us to be honest today and every day. (3 Words)
5.Pull a prank on your friends this April 1, _________ Day. (2 Words)
6.Hunt for eggs and eat chocolate bunnies on this day.
9.Show your brothers and sisters how much you love them on National __________ Day, April 10.
10.Believed to be the world's oldest snack, monks baked dough into the shape of a child's arms folded in prayer. So, April 26 is National ______ Day!
11.________ also lay eggs, but need more nesting room.
12.The more yellow & orange plant pigments there are in the grain the chicken eats, the more vibrant the color of the _____. (2 Words)

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