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A Christmas Carol Act 1 Scenes 1-2

This is a crossword for vocabulary from act 1 scenes 1-2 of "A Christams Carol" by Charles Dickens
1     2          
4   5     6          
1.... we should make some slight provisions for thepoor and _____...
4....as if in exchange for the moment of _______.
7.Christmas a "___________"...
8.No beggars ________ him to bestow a trifle...
11.I am sorry with all my heart to find you so ________.
13.But I have made the trial in ______ to Christmas...
2._______ and the Poor Law are in full vigor, then?
3.... he is the miasnthrope, the malcontent, the miser.
5.I wonder you don't go into ________.
6.The Threadmill and the __________ are in full vigor, then?
9.What reason do have to be __________?
10.I'll retire to ______!
12.... when want is _______ felt...

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