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Tribute to Halloween


Tribute to Halloween

1       2 3     4  
  5   6 7  
  8   9          
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    32       33 34
        35 36  
37   38           39           40          
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    47   48           49    
  51               52          
56         57            

1.she sure doesn't let any sand settle on her
3.a dental nightmare
5.it flies down and gets tangled in your hair
9.am I that transparent?
10.restless hound
11.vampires take cold medicine to stop them from ______
13.a drink that will send shivers up your spine
14.John, O' you are the light of my life!
20.a witch & a warlock sharing a broom
21.goblins like to watch a giant ___________
23.vampires never order this off the menu - at least "rarely"
24.______ are a gouls best friend
27.it's your call
28.feline friend
29.black female horse
30.there's a little _______ in all of us
31.spider's kind of internet
32.why skeletons never accept an invitation to a barbeque
38.where werewolves send their children
40.wonderous wand waving gentleman
41.why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies"
42.the girl ghost told the boy ghost "I can see right thru you"
43.vampires stay away from ______ bread pizza
44.strange liquidy ingredients mucus ewe!
46.Mrs. Skeleton's favorite song "Me & Mr. ____"
48.what monsters like to jump on
51.he plays his trom-BONE
52.the friendly one
54.stutterin': gobble-gobble-______
55.don't go anywhere without it
56.causes skeletal decay
57.is it a fruit or a vegetable?
2.the slang term werewolves use when they think it's "cool"
4.The ________ with the mostest!
6.you' don't want this
7.ghosts favorite kind of pie
8.31st of the 10th
12.he will keep you in stitches
15.a k_____ in shinning armor
16.one a day please & hold the worm!
17.a mouse would not even live in this abode
18.snap, crackle ___ silly spheres
19.mummy's favorite kind of music
20.ghost's favorite dance
22.someone who is all wrapped up in themselves
23.the slang term used today that makes skeletons tremble
25.he likes to take a bite out of life
26.lost in a ____ and I'm hungry like a werewolf
33.a ghost that cuts meat
34.when you see the doctor's evil side it's time to ____
35.the spider sat down be_____ (hot drink)
36.the scarecrows favorite form of transportation
37.the very first family
39.frazzled bird
41.the kind of bedtime stories told to little monsters
45.wear over your face
47.the doctor's in the house
49.monsters favorite desert
50.your reward
53.the boy ghost told the pianist to play "_____ for me"

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