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1   2 3
4 5    
  6   7 8      
  9                               10    
        11     12          
16   17                            
19         20      
      21                     22  
23                     24   25   26  
30               31   32
33                   34  
36 37                      

1.A cloud that is close to the ground
8.What people say to scare you
9.The colors most often seen on Halloween
11.A rock that marks a grave
14.Kids say this on Halloween
15.They wear hats and have long pointy noses
16.It has a lot of trees and kids pick the fruit
18.A place that people live that has ghosts
19.The noise old stairs and doors make
21.Kids go here to pick orange vegetables
23.What the leaves do during the fall?
27.Another word for fall
29.A place where monsters hide, but you also hang your clothes
30.Another word for scary
33.A candy that is orange, yellow, and white
35.A monster that sucks blood
36.A piece of clothing often worn during the fall
38.People sit on a wagon pulled by a tractor
39.A scary part of the house that is underground
2.A white monster that haunts houses
3.A spiced drink made out of apples
4.An insect with 8 legs
5.Kids do this in the leaves
6.A carved pumpkin with a light in it
7.A type of fruit dipped in a syrup and nuts
10.A fall activity where people gather around a flame
12.A witch's pet
13.Kids get this when they go trick or treating
17.Something kids do at an apple orchard
20.A witch rides on this
22.kids where these to go trick or treating
23.What fall weather is like?
24.People do this to their yard to “clean” it
25.Where people are buried
26.A body that has no skin or muscles
28.A black animal seen flying in the sky
31.People often get lost doing this fall activity
32.A upstairs part of the house where ghosts often hide
34.An orange vegetable
37.A spider makes this

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