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Merry Christmas!!

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1.Don't forget to hang these on the chimney
3.These really ARE poisonous.
7."'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a _____.
8.The fifth day of Christmas
9.Found on a Christmas Tree
11.Found under the Christmas Tree
15.He wore a magical hat.
16.Nicholas of Myra
18.Where Santa lives
19."A Christmas Carol"
20.Being on this list earns you a lump of coal.
2.If you received every gift in this song, you would have 364 presents!
4.Some say it's poisonous but that's a myth
5.Also known as "Donder".
6.White, striped and oh so good
10.Stand under it for kisses
12.You can thank Montgomery Ward for this one.
13.Originally made using silver, these days it is plastic.
14.This carol was originally written for Thanksgiving
17.Performed for the first time in Russia in 1891.

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