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Ms. Piteo

1     2       3 4 5
7 8   9                
11             12              
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20         21             22
23               24  

1.famous vampire
8.men-machines from the planet Telos
11.monster living in Lake Okanogan in British Columbia
12.Cockatrice; king of the serpants
14.in Jewish lore, a man of stone who can crush anything
16.Abominable Snowman
17.fifty foot gorilla
18.this changing monster can be killed by a silver bullet
20.when one of its heads is cut, two grow back
21.in Irish folklore, its wail announces death
23.man-horse combination
25.has hair of snakes, those who look at her turn to stone
2.one-eyed giant
3.500-foot radioactive, fire-breathing, green lizard-dragon
4.an undead monster who feeds on the blood of the living
5.made from many human parts
6.gigantic 3-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades
7.bird flies backward
9.mass of human absorbing ectoplasm
10.living dead
13.fire breathing monster; part lion, part goat, part serpent
15.half man, half bull
19.semi-human giant at bottom of the Dark Lake
22.man-eating creature of Wisconsin swamps
24.The Magic Dragon

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