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St Patricks day

Graham Barsby

A puzzle based on ireland for St Patricks Day

1 2 3
5     6             7   8    
11     12  
  13               14    
15       16   17      
  18                     19
22           23   24      
    25                 26 27  
      29 30              

4.Which ships “last port of call” was in Cobh Harbour
6.What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
7.On which river does the city of Belfast stand
9.What colour is the middle stripe on the Irish flag?
10.What is the longest river in Ireland?
13.Dublin is derived from the Gaelic words “Dubh Linn” what is this in English
15.What shortage happened in Ireland in between 1845 and 1849?
18.Who was the lead singer of the 1960s Irish group, `Them`?
21.According to tradition what profession are Leprechauns
22.What is the national symbol of Ireland
25.Which breed of dog, first mentioned in writings around the 2nd century AD, is the tallest of all dog breeds?
30.Which Irish county would you associate with a type of poem
31.In which Irish city is Shannon airport?
32.Which county in Southern Ireland would you visit to kiss the Blarney Stone
1.According to legend what did St Patrick rid Ireland of
2.What city is famous for mussels
3.What was the Roman name of Ireland
5.What is the Gaelic word for Ireland?
8.Famous irish drink
11.What is the currency in Eire
12.What is the national airline of Ireland?
14.Similar to elf with a pot of gold
16.Which breed of dog has breeds called Welsh, Scottish and Irish?
17.Which port in Ireland is famous for its Crystalware
19.What is Ireland’s only native toad
20.What town is home to the Irish National Stud?
22.Where does the Northern Assembly sit _____ castle?
23.Who invaded Ireland in August 1649
24.How many provinces are there in Ireland?
26.Which of the following colours does not appear on the Irish flag? White, Yellow or Orange?
27.What is the most common surname in Ireland?
28.Which animal became extinct in Scotland in 1743 and then in Ireland in 1766?
29.How many counties are there in Northern Ireland

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