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Daily Life in Rome

Mrs. Spiller

Main Idea: The rich and poor had very different lives in Rome, as did men and women.

Read pages 306-310 in your textbook to find the answers to these questions.

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3.The Roman sky god
5.Chariot racing was held here
6.Tossed into the streets from their apartments by Romans
11.A gladiator who led a slave revolt in 73 BC; crucified along with 6,000 of his followers after the rebellion was crushed
12.The name of a wealthy Roman home on their country estate
13.Wife of Augustus; had a say in Rome's politics; later honored as a goddess
17.Head of household in a Roman family
20.In what shape was Rome laid out?
21.Became men between the ages of 14 and 16; would burn their toys as offerings to the household gods
22.A loose fitting robe that Roman men wore
23.Made up 40 percent of the people in Italy by 100BC; worked in homes, fields, mines, and workshops
1.To keep the people from rioting, the Roman government provided these
2.An open space that served as a marketplace and public square with temples and public buildings built around it
4.One of the jobs a women could do independently outside the home in ancient Rome
7.One of the largest cities in the ancient world
8.These people were hired to teach wealthy Roman children at home
9.A constant danger in Roman apartment buildings because people used torches and lamps for lighting and cooked with oil
10.Enslaved people, criminals, or poor people who fought animals and each other
14.The inner court of a wealthy Roman home
15.Public speaking
16.Very large and included parents, young children, married children and their families, other relatives, and enslaved servants
18.A long flowing robe with a cloak that Roman women wore
19.The Roman goddess of love and beauty

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