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Italian Wine

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3.Common northern Italian red
4.Most productive wine region
6.Sparkling muscat
7.This volcano is in Basilicata
9.Productive plains of Puglia
10.Italian grape which adds colour to Chianti
11.Number one export market
13.The grape the provides flavour in frascati
14.The wicker bottle of Chianti
17.If I eat bistecca alla fiorentina I should drink
19.Black and bitter
20.Productive northern plain
21.Once used for Marsla but now made into white wine
24.A Pergola of vines
27.A co-operative winery
32.Opposite of dolce
33.Widely grown in the US
35.Grape from Burgundy
36.Cooked wine
38.Like to grown vines up trees
39.Garganega is important to making it great
40.It is a DOC
41.Area made famous by SuperTuscans
1.Key to a Bellini
2.Home of Vinitaly
4.A grape not a cheese
5.Soft not dead
7.Perfect match for Biscotti
8.Term describing the orignal home of a wine
9.Little sweet grape
12.Less vineyards than the UK
13.Adds acid when blended with Rondinella & Corvina
15.A dish of pigs trotters well suited to Lambrusco
16.Home town to Tony's favourite wine
18.Famous for red wine and truffle
22.Italy's answer to Beaujolais Nouveau
24.A weed!
25.Slow food guide to wine
26.Blood of Jupiter
28.Province responsible for DOCG Taurasi & Greco di Tufo
29.Region that makes Lacrima di Morro, Rosso Conero & Rosso Piceno
30.Grenache is known as this in Sardegna
34.Large oak barrels

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