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Latin I Review

Meagan Shannon

write down the Nominitive Singular for the clues, or the verb, correctly conjugated, or the preposition, etc.

2 3    
  4   5
6             7 8     9      
10     11   12  
      14         15     16    
        17           18  
19     20                    
21           22 23             24    
26   27             28    
      29 30      
31       32                  
33       34      
35     36     37
38 39     40     41                
42           43         44
47         48    

3.ducis, m, leader
6.on account of, acc
7.maris, n, sea
9.is, n, journey
13.we have driven
14.they will have come
17.i was making
19.with, abl
20.i, m, sword
21.she is able
23.you carried
26.i, m, prisoner
28.i, m, man
32.they begged
33.i, m, son
39.i, m, horse
41.i, n, grain
42.is, f, ship
45.ae, f, supply
46.ae, f, island
47.ae, f, fight
48.ae, f, goddess
1.i, m, boy
2.around, acc
4.ae, f, money
5.i, n, war
8.i, m, field
10.i, m, slave
11.they have been
12.he brought
15.we have begun
16.ae, f, ship
18.they have heard
21.through, acc
22.i, n, town
24.g, pl of the slaves
25.you will flee
26.you call
27.is, m, father
29.you had saved
30.you will have seen
31.a, um, many
34.is, f, wife
35.he manages
36.i will call
37.you do love
38.montis, m, mountain
40.is, f, city
43.ae, m, poet
44.ae, f, forest

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