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Latin Noun Round-Up Crossword

Read the clues and work out the correct word to place in the grid. Be extra eagle-eyed - some answers are Latin words and some English words!

When you are finished, colour the SINGULAR Latin nouns in red and the PLURAL ones in green.

Extension: Choose two nouns from the crossword, one singular and one plural. Identify what case they are in.

What would the nouns be in the ablative case? What would the nouns be in the genitive case? How does the meaning change?

Super Bonus: What answer is the only accusative singular in the entire puzzle...? When you've found it, colour it in blue. How do you know it is an accusative singular?

4         5
  7 8       9 10
12           13    
15   16 17                  

2.English word for silva (4)
4.Latin word for poet (5)
6.Latin word for life (4)
8.Language the Romans used (5)
11.unus poeta, duo p_ _ _ _ _
12.Latin word for money (7)
14.Latin word for water (4)
17.Latin case used to show who RECEIVES the action of a verb acc_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10)
18.Latin word for queen (6)
19.Latin case meaning TO or FOR (6)
20.Latin case used to show possession g_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8)
1.I give the queen a r _ s _ _ (5)
3.Latin word meaning doors or gates
5.Latin word meaning reputation, rumour or glory (4)
7.Latin word meaning story or tale (6)
9.Latin case used to show the who DOES the action of verb nom_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10)
10.Latin word meaning women
12.Latin word meaning country or fatherland (6)
13.Latin case meaning BY, WITH or FROM (8)
15.English word for corona (5)
16.Latin word meaning way, path, street or road (3)

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