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Latin Roots Section B Vocabulary

Brighton Pruss and Sarah Sonnenfeld

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2.Examine thoroughly and in great depth
5.Something set aside for an unforeseen emergency
6.Taking into consideration all possible circumstances and consequences before acting
9.A disposition to be friendly and approachable
11.An absence or loss of good will, faith, or loyalty towards something
13.Consideration in dealing with others, and avoiding giving offence
15.Defying expression or description
17.Habitually reserved and uncommunicative
18.Fond of the pleasure of good company
19.A self-proclaimed expert with little real understanding
20.Reluctant to draw attention to oneself
1.Causing internal conflict within a group
3.Lacking a conscience
4.Express a negative opinion of
7.Having many aspects
8.A feeling or display of animosity
10.A feeling of ill will, arousing active hostility
12.Concise and full of meaning
14.Containing or implying a slight or showy prejudice
16.Anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny

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