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Rebeca Rojas Perez

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1.Which city in Spain approached Rome asking for friendship and alliance? (2nd Punic War)
7.Carthage sent 2 generals to Spain to build _____ (plural) and an army. (1st Punic War)
8.After the 2nd Punic War, Cathage expanded its empire in _____.
9.Hannibal was first defeated at _____ in North Africa. (2nd Punic War)
13.Carthage recovered much of its prosperity through what kind of activities? (3rd Punic War)
14.Carthage sent ____ and his son-in-law, Hasdrubal, to Spain. (1st Punic War)
16.Rome endured a _____ year long occupation of Rome.
17.Quintus _____ Maximus was appointed the absolute dictator of Rome. (2nd Punic War)
18.The Carthaginians depended on _____ trade. (3rd Punic War)
20.Publius Cornelius Scipio was later called Scipio ______.
22.Rome wanted to build a _____ between them and the Carthaginians. (1st Punic War)
24.In which Punic War was the domination of the known world by Rome, the end result?
26.Hannibal conquered all of _____ Italy in 2 months. (2nd Punic War)
28.The Romans called Fabius "The _______." (2nd Punic War)
29.Who was the greatest naval power in the 3rd century BC?
32.Hannibal was dependant on _____ for supplies and men. (2nd Punic War)
33.Carthage had to pay an ______ to Rome to cover Roman cost for the 1st Punic War.
34.Did any particular side win the 1st Punic War? (Yes/No)
36.In 216 BC, Hannibal marched into _____ and started destroying the countryside. (2nd Punic War)
39.Carthage extended their empire over _____ Africa,
40.Scipio conquered all of Spain, which was converted into how many Roman provinces. (2nd Punic War)
41.In its treaty with Rome, Carthage wa not allowed to expand beyond what river in Spain?
42.The 1st Punic War was concentrated entirely on the island of _____.
1.Carthage was sown with _____ to make it unhabitable. (3rd Punic War)
2.Cathage was located on what coast of Northern Africa?
3.What is the latin term from which the Punic Wars is dirived from?
4.Fabius avoided what kind of warfare with Carthage? (2nd Punic War)
5.Hannibal didn't have enough ______(plural) to lay seige to Rome. (2nd Punic War)
6.Did most of the Roman allies remain faithful or unfaithful to Rome? (2nd Punic War)
7.Carthage controlled what type of trade in the Mediterranean?
10.Carthage faced rebellion among what troops? (1st Punic War)
11.Carthage lost its ____ power due to the Romans destroying it. (1st Punic War)
12.Rome demanded that theh Carthaginians abandon their ____ and move into North Africa. (3rd Punic War)
15.Carthage was originally founded by the Phoenician capital city of _______.
19.Rome attempted to solve the problem with Carthage with what 1st? (2nd Punic War)
21.Philip V, who waged war against the Romans, was the king of what? (2nd Punic War)
23.Carthage gained tremendous wealth from mining _____ and silver in Spain,
25.Which island did Rome seize in 238 BC? (1st Punic War)
27.Which Sicilian city revolted against the Carthaginians, causing the 1st Punic War?
30._____ was given command of Carthaginian Spain in 221 BC. (2nd Punic War)
31.The ____ Punic War started in 264 BC.
35.______ won the 3rd Punic War.
36.______ ended all of his speeches in the senate with "Carthago delenda est." (3rd Punic War)
37.The Hellenistic empire, which Rome tried to conquer, where in the ______. (a direction) (3rd Punic War)
38.Hannibal crossed which mountains to enter into Italy? (2nd Punic War)

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