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Alcoholic Beverage Code

Dan Wills

Words / terms associated with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

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1.acronym for Alcoholic Beverage Code
5.uneasy feeling, unbalanced, head spinning
6.organ in the body where metabolization of alcohol occurs
9.operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated
10.to have care, custody, and control of something
12.not having normal use of your mental / physical faculties
15.to drink an alcoholic beverage
16.minor in possession
19.whiskey, gin, vodka, taquilla, rum, scotch, etc.
21.minor consuming alcohol
22.having a blood-alocohol-concentration of .08% or higher
23.to take into custody
24.made by fermentation of grapes, fruits, or berries
26.instrument used to determine blood alcohol concentration levels
27.a substance likely to casue intoxication
28.to give false testimony; misleading
2.made with hopps and barley
3.ability to see
4.state of non-intoxication, clear minded
7.the act of carrying out the consequences of a law
8.completely and totally intoxicated or drunk
9.driving under the influance of alcohol by minor
11.horizontal gaze nystagmus
13.never acceptable
14.item used to make yourself known to another
17.to buy something
18.someone under the age of 21
20.a purchase
21.the process of breaking down alcohol in the body
25.a liquid intoxicant

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