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Antitrust Law

Jessica Cipollone, Mitchell Stafford, Jason White

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3.ability of a monopoly ro dictate what takes place in a given market
8.contract that tends to eliminate or reduce competition
9.Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Federal Trade Commission Act
12.posession of market power in relevant market and willful aquisition or maintenence of that power
13.a test such as economic efficiency
15.competitors agree to fix prices at a certain level
16.seller forbids a buyer to purchase products from seller's competitor
17.small number of firms share the market for a particular good or service
18.any actions by a firm to eliminte competition
19.selling on ot more of a company's parts
20.merger between two firms in the same market
21.anticompetitive agreement
22.refusal to eal with particular person or firm by a group of competitors
1.pricing of a product below cost to drive away competitors
2.power of a firm to control the market price of its product
4.company at one stage of production aquires another company at higher or lower stage of production
5.primary measure of monopoly power
6.to pay two different prices for identical goods or services
7.a firm that carried out two or more functional phases
10.merger between firms that do not compete in the same market
11.single seller or limited number of sellers
14.agreement between buyer and seller in which buyer becomes obligated to purchase additional product or services from the seller

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