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Criminal Justice Review

Marcia Bedard

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3.stealing of farm machinery would be classified under what category of the UCR
6.created reasonable suspicion
7.case that established protection from physical abuse during interogation
10.subcomponents of the justice system work to achieve their own goals
13.breaking into a computer store to steal a laptop
17.serious crime, can serve more than a year in state prison
19.established the US Supreme Court's authority as final interpreter of the US Constitution
20.formed by Henry Fielding
21.facts based on an officer's training and experience that lead's the officer to believe that criminal activity is or has taken place.
22.members of Metropolitan Police force
25.investigates charges that officers are guilty of wrongdoing
30.set of facts or circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a specific person had committed criminal activity
32.cases that established the Exclusionary Rule
34.geographic area, subject, and place in the heirarchy are all a part of ____________________.
35.after serving a portion of a sentence a person can be released on ___________.
37.when a trial court offers a new trial instead of appellate review of a lower court's decision
38.aspects of civilized life that are connected to our ideas of fairness, our cultural beliefs about right and wrong
39.established exclusionary rule at the state level
40.agency responsible for compiling the UCR
41.exception established by US v Leon
42.written order from judge to conduct an official action
1.protects against unreasonable search and seizure
2.evidence derived from illegally seized evidence
4.subcomponents of the justice system work together to achieve justice
5.larceny, arson, for example
8.danger to life, or evidence justify __________________
9.sentences served together, example: 1 year for larceny + 2 years for asault = 2 years
11.state and federal courts
12.less serious crime, serve less than a year in confinement
14.established the Plain View Doctrine
15.case specfied the conditions under which deadly force could be used to apprehend a felon
16.constables on horseback
18.crime most likely to be reported by the victim to police
23.sentences served back to back, example: 1 year for larceny + 2 years for asault = 3 years
24.created the Metropolitan Police force
26.group of people who hear the evidence, and decide if there is enough evidence to bring this person to trial
27.suspect is informed of the charges, advised of their rights, and enters a plea
28.principle of fairness, orthe ideal of equity
29.style of policing that enforces the letter of the law
31.a formal written accusation submitted to the court by the grand jury
33.money or property pledged to the court guaranteeing that person will appear for court
36.step of due process that takes place immediately after an arrest

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