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Electronic Law & Evidence

J. Solari

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1.These kind of searches do not trigger the 4th Amendment.
2.Biggest difference between traditional and computer search warrants
6.To get transactional records, you need at least a:
10.AUSAs can approve T-III applications for _______ _______
11.After authenticating data, agents must still ______ it to a specific person.
14.______ _____ does not apply to information discovered when exceeding the scope of a warrant.
15.Pen/Trap orders are good for ________ days
16.Should you inventory an arrestee's data?
17.Video-only surveillance is governed by the ______ ______.
19.A warrant to search a computer does not automatically include authority to search other _____.
20.Before using force to enter a dwelling with a computer search warrant, agents must ____ ____ ____.
23.To get basic subscriber information, you need at least a:
24.Using a ______ to intercept real time oral REP comms without consent violates T-III
25.Network _______ may defeat REP.
27.T-III applications must be approved by ___
28.A warrant is required to use video-only surveillance in an _____ area without consent.
29.Where to search? Computers and other ______.
30.Needed to get toll records (past incoming/outgoing numbers)
32.To install mobile tracking device in an REP area, you need a _______ _______
35.A "device" under T-III is anything other than the _______ ______.
37."Right to be, right to ____."
38.To obtain the contents of unopened email in storage less than 180 days, you need a:
41.While the electrons are moving...
43.Consent to search a computer may be ________ ("I changed my mind; stop searching.")
46.Fax transmissions are ________ communications
47.Standard required for a pen/trap order
48.T-III does not apply if you have ______ of at least one party.
1.To protect stored emails from deletion, issue this to the ISP.
3.To obtain email addresses on outgoing correspondence, you need a:
4.Evidence connecting a person with an electronic file will often be __________.
5.Computer search warrant: looking for "records in any _____"
7.Mobile tracking devices are governed by the ______ _____.
8.Exigent circumstances will allow you to _______ a computer.
9.One who possesses a _______ computer has no REP in its contents.
12.An intrusion into REP by the ___________ triggers 4th Amendment
13.______________: "this is what I claim it is."
15.For data stored in several jurisdictions, you need multiple _____ ______
18.To obtain the contents of opened email in storage, you need at least a:
21.A search warrant for stored emails is valid __________.
22.When examining files, you must stay within the ______ of your search warrant.
23.LEOs may search a pager during an ___.
26.Interception, with a device, of real time oral communications with _____ requires a T-III
29.This type of federal judge cannot issue a T-III order
31.Pen registers capture ________ phone numbers.
32.To monitor a mobile tracking device in an REP area, you need a ______ ______
33.Cell phone calls are __________ communications
34.Always handle data to prevent claims of ___________.
36.Face-to-face consensual monitoring requires AUSA ________
39.To obtain cell-site data, you need at least a:
40.If agents have RS that "knock & annouce" would cause a suspect to ______ data, they need not K&A.
42._____ communications: human voice not on wire or other mechanical means
44.Trap & trace devices capture ________ phone numbers.
45.Consent to search a computer may be ______ ("You may only search my C drive.")

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