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Property Crossword (Terms and Concepts)

Mary Walsh

3                       4           5
6                   7  
      8 9  
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  12                               13
14 15                                      
  16                 17                          
  19 20                   21    
24                                   25          
    26 27      
        28     29                   30
  31                   32                
36                   37                

2.Not available in community property states.
3.Patents, computer software, stock, and goodwill.
6.Future interest held by someone other than the initial transferor.
10.Right to use and benefit from property.
11.A bundle of rights.
12.Creates a landlord-tenant relationship.
15.One of the duties of a lifetenant.
16.Property that can be perceived by the senses.
17.Is really lifetime planning.
20.When a trust is created, legal title is __________ from beneficial title.
23.Is not available in community property states.
24.Based in the Civil Code.
25.A form of co-ownership (abbrev.)
28.A grants B the use of Blackacre for the life of C. C's life is the __________.
31.Property right based on a measure of time that does not create a landlord-tenant relationship.
32.An assured right is __________.
33.One of the four basic property rights.
34.A future interest holder's right to enjoy property may be delayed by the__________.
35.A property arrangement that avoids probate.
36.Decision-making power over property.
37.Property other than real property.
1.In a community property state, property acquired before the marriage.
4.Present in tenancy by the entirety, but not tenancy in common.
5.The separation between legal and beneficial title is the heart of _______.
7.The holder has an immediate right to posess or enjoy the property.
8.Holds a single, unified interest in property concurrently with others.
9.Future interest held by the initial transferor.
13.Property that cannot be perceived by the senses.
14.At death, an interest in this passes through trust, will or intestacy.
18.E.g,, land, buildings, improvements and fixtures
19.Personal property whose utility derives from physical characteristics.
21.The holder's right to enjoy the property is delayed.
22.Action available to joint tenants and tenants in common.
26.A right that is uncertain is _____________.
27.A life tenant cannot commit this.
29.Not available to tenants by the entirety while married.
30.The greatest interest in property available.

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