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Tort Liability

Break out your Law Dictionary on Torts. Some answers include one or more empty spaces.

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1.Compensation recoverable for injury
6.Testimony in court of a statement made outside of the court to prove the truth of the matter asserted
7.Evidence of such a character that the court or judge is bound to receive it; that is, allow it to be introduced at trial
9.Liability to plaintiff shared by tortfeasors
10.Consequential damages caused by injury, but not necessarily the result of the injury, i.e. lost wages
12.Burden of proof in civil court
14.To bring about; bring into existence; to make
15.All the means by which a matter of fact is established or disproved
16.Limits joint and several recovery to economic specials
18.Duty to affirmatively prove facts
19.The principle pleading by the defendant responding to plaintiff's complaint
20.One who is sued
21.One who intitiates a suit
22.Failure to use due care
24.Legally sanctioned obligation
27.Degree of care of a reasonably prudent person
28.An agreement by two or more creating an obligation
29.Failure to perform a duty
30.Liability to plaintiff for entire judgment
31.One who commits a tort
2.Confession, concessions or voluntary acknowlegments made by a party to the existence of certain facts
3.Obligation to introduce evidence
4.Natural, continuous and unbroken sequence producing injury
5.Unexcused violation of an applicable statute
8.Liability without Fault
11.The thing speaks for itself
13.Damages diminished in proportion to negligence of injured person
17.First pleading of plaintiff setting out facts on which claim is based
21.Damages over and above what will compensate for loss to punish and make an example of wrongdoers
23.Damages the law implies or presumes to have accrued from the wrong complained of, i.e. damages for pain and suffering
25.A private civil wrong or injury
26.California's court created comparative fault system allowing any percent of liablity to be imposed on a defendent

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