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The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

By Elizabeth Baeva

Use pencil only.

1 2
3           4                  
6   7    
11                   12     13  
    14     15                      
  16   17                              
      18 19            
      23           24  
          25         26    

3.The Belgian detective sometimes speaks this language in the book.
4.Mr._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'s murder didn't fit the picture
8.The niece of the first victim. (2 words)
9.The estranged husband of the first victim. (2 words)
11.The ABC letters written to the detective were written using this machine.
14.The first victim's name. (2 words)
16.The Belgian detective udes these words as another name for his brains (3 words)
18.The ABC _ _ _ _ Guide was left beside each murdered body.
21.The (rich) third victim. (3 words)
23.These helped with solving the murder mystery.
25.The order of which the victims were murdered.
27.The jealous boyfriend of the second victim. (2 words)
28.The first victim's profession.
29.The Belgian detective's long-time friend and assistant. (2 words)
30.The second victim's profession.
1.The place where the first murder was comitted.
2.The self-confessed murderer and a salesman who visited the victims shortly before their murders. His initials are A.B.C. (3 words)
5.The fourth and final murder happened here.
6.The genre of this book. (2 words)
7.The brother of the third victim. But was that all he was? (2 words)
10.Before each victim died, they bought a pair of these from a door-to-door salesman.
12.The little, Belgian detective with and egg-shaped head and a moustache. (2 words)
13.The sister of the second victim. (2 words)
15.This man is always one step behind the Belgian detective. (3 words)
17.The attractive secretary to the third victim. (2 words)
19.The third victims profession.
20.The second victim was called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (2 words)
22.The third murder occured in this city.
24.The self-confessed murderer suffers from this.
26.The town where the second murder had taken place.

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