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Canterbury Tales Vocab Crossword

Mrs. Liwag

This puzzle combines words from The Canterbury Tales and from A History of the English Church and Nation.

1 2
  3 4          
  5     6
7               8    
10 11             12   13          
15         16    
18             19  
  22           23

4.to complain; fret
7.a show of contempt; scorn
9.painstaking; hard-working
11.careful with money; thrifty
12.in a composed, dignified manner; calmly
14.refined behavior; elegance
15.to express in another language or form
17.able to produce a desired effect
18.filled with enthusiasm; eager
20.standing out above others; high-ranking, prominent
21.showing wisdom or good judgment
22.to come as gain; acculmulate
24.to strive to attain
25.disease or disorder; ailment
1.to handle skillfully
2.showing religious devotion and piety
3.an ability to move quickly, easily; nimbleness
5.promptness; efficiency
6.to claim belief in or allegiance to
8.pleasing in behavior and appearance
10.to postpone
13.to violate the sacredness of
16.to give up or reject
19.unrelated to religion
23.a current fashion or style

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