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End of Fallen Angels Review

1 2             3
6 7                        
8           9
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2.soldiers uniform is called
5.what city is Peewee from
7.Perry received two ______ ______ for being wounded in combat
8.Perry fears that when he returns home people (esp. his mother) will expect him to be the...
10.largest military group
11.name of their barracks/dorm
15.made three copies of a letter he wrote to his wife
17.in the end, the dr said Perry should have never been in combat because of his medical _________
18.what is Perry's first name (full name)
19.in the last patrol, where are the cong hiding
20.first main character to go home unharmed
23.name of company Perry belongs to
26.what did they do to soldier's bodies that they didn't send home
1.in the end, when the cong had an american surrounded they didn't fire at him because they were waiting for the ...
3.newspaper that soldiers read was called "__________ and ________"
4.who replace Sgt. Simpson
6.soldier's ID number is written on their ...
9.instead of saying "home" characters often said they were going back to the ...
11.what is Gates' (Peewee) first name
12.Dongan was in the ____________ war before Vietnam
13.what city is Perry from
14.another name for bathroom
15.highest rank in the military
16.Perry hesitates writing to his brother because he doesn't want Kenny to think he's a ...
21.in the end, cong had this character surrounded
22.smallest military group
23.the _ _ _ _ were vietnames soldiers that were on the same side as us
24.Monaco and Walowick both were suffering from _ _ _ _ (seeing things that happened in the past)
25.only female main character to die

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