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Farenheit 451 Vocabulary: Part One

Ashley McCullough

Complete the crossword puzzle using Part One of the vocabulary words from Farenheit 451.

1   2                 3
6                       7
8                 9            

1.Piece of equipment similar to a furnace that is used to get rid of garbage and other waste by burning it to ashes.
4.The child showed a _________ to complain while at a family gathering.
6.Small jointed figure made of wood and moved by strings, wires, and rods held from above. Similar to a puppet.
8.A harsh or unpleasant sound.
9.A legendary bird thought to live for 500-600 years.
10.Device that uses high speeds to seperate substances with different densities.
11.To force or pound down with a series of light blows or taps.
13.Any group of small animals that look like a lizard.
15.To cause hate or disgust.
16.To heat liquid or other substance until it evaporates
17.The driver is ___________ to obey all traffic laws when driving.
2.The girl removed the __________ wrapper from the candy before she ate it.
3.Small metal cap worn on finger to protect when sewing.
5.The machine _______________ the cotton into bales.
7.He isn't coming to the party because he has a _______ engagement.
10.The smallest blood vessels in the circulatory system that connect the arteries to the veins.
12.Telling a story without speech, just gestures, body movement, and facial expressions.
14.A place that provides care for people that is similar to a hospital or shelter.

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