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Huck Finn

Mr. Seiple

1 2 3    
4     5         6 7 8
      9           10                    
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    20   21                    
23                     24       25   26  
30                 31          
      32   33   34  
35                         36
38                         39  
40     41                      
  44   45   46                  
47             48                    
51           52   53            

3.The most adult person in the novel
4.Where "Huckette" is headed
9.Street smart "slave-aider'
11.President of Steel City Fan Club
13.Name used when "Huckette" confesses
14.Pulled by raft
16.Man on wrecked steamboat
17.Second name "Huckette" uses
21.Man on wrecked steamboat
22.Huck hates it/ Twain criticizes it.
23.Original town setting
27.Fist name "Huckette" uses
28.City where they're headed
29.Harney and Miss Sophia
30.Controls Huck's money
33.Huck and Jim's ride to freedom
35.Crushes Huck's raft
38.This novel's Juliet
41.Part of the family feud
42.Twain wrote using this
46.Floats down the river with a cadaver inside
47.Hidden royalty on the raft
48.Tom Sawyer's guardian
49.Huck's call to Tom
50.A free town that Huck and Jim miss
51.Cows, cats, and dauphins don't speak it
53.Sherburn or Grangerford
54.What Twain condemns
55.Straight from the Indian Ocean
56.Buck shot at him
1.Jim's "king"
2.To be or not to be play
3.Huck's first hideout
5.Used to tell fortunes
6.Main setting
7.His best friend is whiskey
8.Shot Boggs
10.Leader of the lynch mob
11.Author and humorist
12.Part of the family feud
15.Owned Jim
18.Hidden royalty on the raft
19.Huck covers his face
20.Tries to civilize Huck
24.Buck misspells this fictious pseudonym
25.Mark Twain's his pseudonym
26.Used to help Huck escape (no DNA testing)
31.Doesn't speak like a cow
32.The place "Huckette" says he's from
33.Placed the bottom of Jim's sleeping bag
34.Thick and dense
36.Man shot by Sherburn
37.Grangerfords preserved her room
39.Doesn't speak like a cat
40.Jim builds one on the raft
43.Place of the church revival
44.Helps Pap get his placement in life
45.Had his name in a prior novel title
51.Nobody knows why it started
52.Shows Huck "water snakes"

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