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In Our Time

Ernest Hemingway

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  6               7
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2.Where did Luz go to open a hospital?- "A Very Short Story"
5."In the old days ____ _____ was a lumbering town"- "The End of Something"
6.What was Mrs. Elliots first name?
10.What month is mentioned in "The Revolutionist"?
12.Doctor does an __________ c-section- "Indian Camp"
13.A turn in skiing in which the skier's heels are not attatched to the ski - "Cross-Country Snow"
16.Other than Nick, who is the other main character in "The Three Day Blow"
19.What was George doing while sitting in bed? - "The Cat in the Rain"
20."He was a _____, a very nice boy and very shy"- "The Revolutionist"
22."Out of Season" took place where?
23.Dick accuses the doctor of stealing________- "The Doctor and The Doctor's Wife"
24."You couldn't get the women to give up their ______ babies"- On the Quai At Smyrna
1."She screamed just as Nick and the two _____ followed his father and Uncle George into the shanty"- Indian Camp
3.Opening bottles makes people ______ - "The Three Day Blow"
4.Nick does not feel part of what? - "Soldiers Home"
7.How many nights was Luz on night duty? - "A Very Short Story"
8.People were making ________ suffer "On the Quai At Smyrna"
9."The ________ car bucked once more and then stopped." - "Cross-Country Snow"
11.Nick does not love ____ anymore- "The End of Something"
13.What was the Kitty hidding under to stay dry? - "The Cat in the Rain"
14."Watch how that ______ runs" the negro warned -"The Battler"
15.Mr. and Mrs. Elliot tried very hard to have what? - "Mr. and Mrs. Elliot"
16.Who said, "May I offer you a slice of bread dipped right in the hot ham fat?" - "The Battler"
17.Where was Krebs Methodist College? - "Soldiers Home"
18.One setting of the short story- "The Doctor and The Doctor's Wife"
21.They waited till tomorrow to do what? - "Out of Season"

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