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To Kill a Mockingbird

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1.Jem and Scout's dad name.
5.What did Miss Caroline hit Scout's hand with on the first day of school?
7.Jem and Scout's caretakers name.
10.What did Boo Radley put on Scout's shoulders during the fire?
12.The town where the story takes place.
14.Simon Finch named his homestead "Finch's ________."
15.What fell from the sky and made Scout think the world was ending?
2.What does Scout go down the hill in and into the Radley's yard?
3.What does Scout find first wrapped in foil in the knot-hole tree?
4.Scout's favorite kind of bread.
6.The state where the story takes place.
8.Drinking this in the middle of the morning was a summertime ritual.
9.What does Jem and Scout's dad do for a living?
11.What movie did Dill tell Jem and Scout about?
13.Jem loses his _______ sneaking into the Radley yard.

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