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King Arthur-The Sword and the Stone-Study Guide

Miss NaTasha P. Bellow

Identify the key terms, key characters or key information. Write your answers in the blocks provided in the puzzle.

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1.happens day to day; can change frequently
4.public announcement
9.ceremony for crowning a king
10.noble King of Britain
13.words of praise
15.a shield composed of a field, symbol and motto makes up your Family
16.highest ranking bishop of the church
21.wild; disorderly
22.series of contests
24.an old story passed down through generations; based on historical facts
2.father of Sir Kay; adopted Arthur
3.honesty; uprightness
5.gathering of people
6.quality of all the men who wanted to be king
7.most obvious characteristic of Sir Kay
8.righteous anger
12.blood-related son of Sir Ector
14.unity among a group
17.son of Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine
18.meekness; humility
19.path set forth from the time of birth to death
20.sorceror for King Uther
22.number of times Arthur had to pull the sword from the stone
23.quality that Arthur possessed

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