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The Odysseus: An Epic Corssword Puzzle

Andrew Twomey

All words used in this crossword puzzle have been derrived from various parts of The Odyssey.

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22                   23    
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33 34       35       36          

2.Odysseus' loyal dog.
4.Son of Odysseus.
8.What Odysseus was morphed into (disguised as).
11.The second (familiar) person Odysseus met in the Underworld.
14.Prophet who helped Odysseus.
16.Type of animal that Odysseus' men slaughtered.
17.Length of the Trojan War (in years).
20.Author of The Odyssey .
21.A title given to Odysseus.
22.The cyclop's father.
23.Weapon Peneople's suitors could not sucessfully string.
24.The God/Goddess who morphed Odysseus.
25.Laertes son.
26.Person who coaxed Odysseus' men inot slaughtering the animals.
29.Number of Odysseus' men claimed by Scylla.
30.The sea monster that Odysseus and his men avoided.
32.Home of Odysseus.
34.Father of Odysseus.
36.Number of years it took Odysseus to finally return home.
37.Drugged members of an island.
38.Owner of the slaughtered animals.
1.Origin of the Lotus-Eaters
3.Sea monster whom Odysseus and his men defeat.
5.Penelope's servant.
6.Elpenor's fate.
7.Alias used by Odysseus (when asked his name by the cyclops).
9.Odysseus' wife.
10.God/Goddes who strikes Odysseus' ship with lightning.
12.The first (familiar) person Odysseus met in the Underworld.
13.Group of people who lure others on to their island through song.
15.Suitor of Penelope.
18.Name of the Cyclops that Odysseus battled.
19.Stage of his son's life when Odysseus was summoned to war.
27.Number of heads/necks Scylla has.
28.Where Odysseus went to seek is fortune.
29.Scylla's realtionship to Charybdis.
30.Captor of Odysseus.
31.The plant which Odysseus' men were lured inot eating.
33.Second of Odysseus' captors.
35.Where Odysseus began his journey home.

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