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The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

  3   4       5          
6     7       8      
10     11            
12           13    
    15             16    
17 18          

3.The cattle of whom Odysseys and his men were not supposed to feast upon
5.What did Odysseys say his name was when the Cyclops asked?
6.Goddess who helps disguise Odysseys as well as aiding him while killing the suitors
8.Site of the Trojan War
9.Plant that Odysseus banned his men from tasting
11.Site where Odysseus' rebellious men were killed after enslaving the women and butchering the sheep
12.Blind prophet of Thebes who Odysseys needs to consult in order to reach home
15.The son of Odysseus
18.Author of The Odyssey
19.Who kills Antinous?
20.Three terrible spirits who punish those whose crimes have not been avenged
1.Disguise Odysseys uses when reaching Ithaca
2.Name of Cyclops
4.Odysseus' father
7.Old swineherd and friend of Odysseus
10.One of the three dangers in which Odysseys was to face; lured sailors by their voices
13.Arrogant leader among the suitors
14.Object Penelope uses to test if the beggar is really Odysseus
16.Land of the dead
17.King of the winds

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