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Red Badge of Courage

Keith Mardis

This puzzle reviews the vocabulary and characters of Red Badge of Courage.

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43           44            

1.a warlike Asiatic people
7."tall soldier"
8.mounted troops
10.bleating plaintively
12.a set of heavy guns
16.rebels, Confederate soliders
17.Author of Red Badge of Courage
19.thing or happening supposed to foretell a future event
20.a person who is top notch
22.a Yankee
23.heart of the din, ____line
24.Henry's role in battle returning to regiment
25.Tattered solider's wounds
28.Civil War era
32.wounds Henry's head,_______ soldier
34.enlisted man of lowest rank
35.comparsion not using like or as
36.a ___child, a child who does not do as he should
37.Confederate soldiers
39.lowest-ranking noncommisioned officer
41.place of story
43.Henry's holding of the letters
44.soldiers stationed at outpost to guard from surprise attack
45.capital of Virginia
1.protagonist of the book
2.a large number
3.Henry's phrase sbout his regiment, a blue ____
4.Henry Fleming's army
5.the colors
6.Henry left_______Soldier wounded and stumbling
9.Henry_____ from first battle
10."loud soldier"
11.highest ranking officer
13.Mighty Blue Machine, Union _____
14.sing a hymn of thankgivings and praise
15.reason Henry enlists, to become a ______
18.a ranking below captain
21.Tattered ____ said, "Where is your'n located?"
23.trimmings, collar, and cuffs of military coats
26.a comparison using like or as
27.Henry sees Jim ____ die in first battle
29.bad name for new soldiers
30.canvas bag for carrying rations
33.Henry's type of conflict rather to run or not
40.Henry's ______, the 304th
42.Man ____man, Henry argument with mom, type of conflict

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