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Rhetorical Terms ARE fun!!

Aaron Chism

A fun puzzle of Rhetorical Terms!

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3.Are you leaving out a word because it is already implied by the context of the words around it? Try this rhetorical strategy.
6.When one word describes two or more nouns, but the word is written only once. Think implied meaning.
10.The absence of conjuctions between phrases. Opposite of polysyndenton
12.Parallelism in which several successive phrases contain the same amount of words and sometimes syllables.
19."A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch And blue spurt of a lighted match." -Browning's Meeting At Night
21."Jumbo Shrimp."
22.In greek, this means a "turning back" and deals with word order.
24."A good pun is its own re-word."
26."The wind whispered through the trees."
29.Isocolon is a type of this.
30."She loved her cake, her cake was her life, her life was her hell, and her hell was her freedom."
32."I loved his eyes(the extent to which he loved could be argued) and his hair."
33."Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." -Groucho Marx
36.Opposite of litotes.
37.This is when opposite ideas are stated together to show contrast.
38.Everyone should fight to live, not live to fight.
39.Arranging ideas in order of importance.
40.Grammatical structure of the first clause, is reversed to create the second.
41.Common forms of this are Situational, Cosmic, and Dramatic.
1.Antanaclasis is a type of this.
2.A statement that has some truth, but seems to contradict itself.
4.Words from the same root are repeated, but in different senses.
5."Why are you such an idiot?"
7.The main idea is at the end of this type of sentence.
8."Then the decurion and his troopers herded their prisoner back...." -Patrick Larkin, The Tribune (169)
9.Using the words "Capitol Hill" instead of the word "government."
11.This strengthens an idea with underexaggeration. Think Chandler from friends.
13."Sparkles, my cat, coughed up a hairball."
14.The reptition of similar consonant sounds at the middle or ends of words.
15.most commonly known as the usage of a noun as a verb.
16.Repetition of vowel sounds within words.
17.The opposite of anaphora.
18."Sanitation Engineer"
20."Nothing will come of nothing." -Shakespeare's King Lear
23.Substituting a descriptive word for a proper name.
25.The repetition of the same sound at the beginning of each word.
26.The excessive use of conjuctions to "slow the pace."
27."God, why do you mock me so?"
28.A comparison between two unlike things. By the way, the comparison is implied.
31.In this rhetorical strategy, words are repeated at the begining of successive clauses.
34.This type of sentence ends with a dependent clause and begins with an independent clause and the main idea.
35.A clearly expressed comparison, recognized by the use of Like or as.

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