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Romeo and Juliet Crossword Quiz


This is a puzzle of many of the names and concepts present in Romeo and Juliet.

1 2
4   5 6   7
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3.The male protagonist
8.Romeo vs. Tybalt is person vs. ___
9.William _____
12.Opposite characters
13.Juliet dies by Romeo's ______
14.much of the play is written in ________ pentameter
15.The Prince's cousin, Benvolio's foil
18.Romeo and Juliet is set in ________ Italy
21.Queen ________ I
24.When Romeo has a bad feeling about going to the party it is an example of ___
26.Romeo was originally in love with ___
27.The ______ declares anyone fighting in the streets will die
28.The apothecary lives in ________
1.14 line love poem
2.Juliet's pugnacious cousin
4.The into is called the______
5.Friar ______ gives Juliet the sleeping potion
6.Romeo's honest cousin
7."Death is my son-in-law" is an example of ___
9.Ill fated (2 words)
10.Juliet not knowing who to be loyal to is person vs. ___
11.The female protagonist
16.Reads the prologue
17.When everyone dies, the play is a ___
19.How many people die in the play?
20.the prince is merciful and ______ Romeo
22.Romeo is killed by ______
23.R&J's love being forbidden is an example of person vs.___ (3 words)
25.Shakespeare's theater was called the _______
28.Back in the day, women on stage were played by

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