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Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog

Dr. Reimer

This puzzle is designed to be used with Kurt Vonnegut's Story, " Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog." It is being used in an Adult Ed Class setting.

2   3
4           5        
    7   8                  
  9   10                      
11                     12            
  14     15              
18 19                    

4.the people of the Earth
7.to celebrate in a joyus maner
9.something that glows from within
12.in this story, complaining or whining
14.to breathe in and out
17.to do something carefully
19.folling around with, working on
21.to do something in a determined manner
22.Lacking something
1.a wire filling
2.devices used to hold up hosiery, men's or women's
3.to look at something closely
4.a device designed to hold cigars or loose tobacce
5.troubled or made painful
6.someone who came before you
8.to be intellectually capable
10.Literally, people who eat one another, in this story, people who have heard the stories befgore
13.to make payments for something to a bank
15.poking around in side of or at
16.to look at things warily
18.to quickly move from on eplace to another or to follow.
20.A heavy blue wollen material used to make suits

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