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Tale of Two Cities-Book 2

Bart and Casey

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3.17. What sound does Lucie often head echoing off the street when she is in her home?---
6.3. Darnay returns to france his family's what?
11.23. Another name for Charles Darnay?
12.20. Who informs the Defarges that Lucie manette has married charles Darnay?
13.2. What is Jerry Cruncher's occupation at night?
14.39. A bloodthirsty woman who is always on the side of Madame Defarge?
15.7. Stryver's nickname?
16.14. By what name do the men in Defarge's wine shot call their fellow revolutionaries?
21.11. Darnay admits his love for lucie manette to whom?
23.40. Innocent young woman who is sentenced to die with Darnay?
25.1. What two cities does the title refer?
30.25. Sacrifices his own life to save the husband of the woman he loves?
31.4. Madame defarge dies because of accidental what?
32.18. Who does Miss Pross believe is the ideal suitor for Lucie Manette?
33.19. What does mr. lorry try to persuade mr. stryver not to do?
34.13. Cruncher digs up roger cly's body to sell in to whom?
36.33. The father of the child that got run over by Marquis' carriage?
37.31. Monseigneur was known for this?
38.34. Why does gaspard murder marquis'?
39.30. Where does doctor manette live?
1.28. Symbol for injustice of the new order?
2.38. What is madame defarge's first name?
4.15. What skilldid doctor manette develop in order to pass the time during his incarceration
5.22. Who develops a habit of watching and speaking to Lucie as she waits on a paris street corner each day?
7.27. Her husband beats her for praying?
8.5. Jerry Cruncher is employed at tellson's bank as what?
9.6. The bank clerks tells Cruncher to go to where and await orders from Jarvis Lorry?
10.24. How long did Manette's psychological relapse last after Lucie left for her honeymoon?
13.16. What image does dickens frequently use to describe Lucie manette?
17.21. During the storming of the Bastille, who decapitates the fortress' guard?
18.8. Sydney carton's nickname?
19.35. Charles Darnay is the __________ of this novel?
20.32. Evremonde curses Monseigneur to whom?
22.26. Lucie's nurse?
24.37. Carton is the symbol of whom in this book?
26.29. Prisioner Charles Darnay is accused to being a traitor to whom?
27.12. Stryver announces he intends to marry whom?
28.36. The ___________ is the symbol of the cross?
29.9. THis great lord holds a reception in paris?
35.10. Darnay makes a moderate living teaching what language?

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