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The Diary of Anne Frank

Bryan Weinberg

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2.leader of the Nazi party
4.the work place for Otto Frank where he sold fresh fruit
9.Jews were to never be seen again
10.Jews who embraced purism modernity and equalize
12.Anne was living with a dentist in the attic
18.the young girl who was in the holocaust
21.A severe skin disease that Anne Frank had
23.discrimination of a certain race for belief
24.camps where Jews were held and enslaved and also killed
25.the severe disease that killed many people including Anne Frank
26.the removal of Jews from a certain place
27.appalled amazed, stunned
28.country which Anne frank was born
1.Concentration camp- the camp where Anne Frank died at
2.people who are prejudice
3.a secret attic
5.Anne Franks father
6.A well known concentration camp where they used gas chambers
7.Anne Frank’s sister
8.secret police of the Nazi Germany
9.Jews were not allowed to travel on this
11.the genocide of 6 million Jews
13.family that stayed with them in the attic
14.a type of school Anne frank attended
15.Anne Franks mother
16.chambers they put Jews in and filled them with gas to kill them
17.Germans who helped the Jews were to be killed
19.the people who hated the Jews
20.the city where Anne frank was born
22.the boy Anne Frank had a crush on

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