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Thoreau & Emerson


1 2 3 4 5
6                                 7    
10                     11
13     14                
  15     16  
17                     18    
        19   20            
    21 22                
24     25               26
        27 28          

6.A way of thinking deeply about everything around you and trying to become one with your surroundings.
7.One of the Authors
8.Another of Emerson's essays.
9.Where Thoreau spent 2 yrs. 2 months and 2 days.
10.One of the principles of Transcendentalism.
12.A short career for Emerson.
14.The kind of punishment Thoreau was forced to perform.
17.To follow others.
20.Thoreau's mento.
22.One of the Authors of the play.
23.What Thoreau wouldn't pay.
24.Advice from Thorea.
27.What Thoreau's brother died from.
29.The name of one of Emerson's essays.
1.Where he spent the night.
3.One of the principles of Transcendentalism.
4.When people break laws they are sometimes practicing _________________________ as a way to protest.
5.A short career for Thoreau.
11.One of the author's of the play.
13.Where Thoreau and Emerson grew up and lived.
15.Thoreau's brother.
16.The University Thoreau & Emerson attended.
17.Whose approval is needed for a war to be declared in the US.
18.The kind of protest Thoreau believed in.
19.What Thoreau thinks is the US is trying to support by entering the Mexican war.
21.What war Thoreau disagrees with the U.S. being involved in.
25.What Thoreau's father had a success in making.
26.Thoreau's first name (before he changed it.)
28.How many nights Thoreau spent in jail.

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