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Literature Vocabulary


Vocabulary words for Drama, Poety, fiction and Writings

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1.Articles or objects that appear on stage during a play
6.A fourteen line lyric poem
8.A long uninterrupted speech
9.The use of phrases, clauses or sentences that are similar complementary in structure or in meaning
10.the song for the entrance of the chorus
11.Relies on slapstick and horesplay
15.Patterns of rhymes in a poem indicated by a different letter of the alphabet for each new rhyme
18.A nineteen-line lyric poem that relies heavily on repetition
21.A brief witty poem
22.A literary composition, usually a novel or a play written in three parts
23.The last six lines of an italian sonnet
25.unrealistic devices or procedures that the reader or audience agrees to accept
26.A weakness or limitation of charcter resulting in the fall of the tragic hero
28.A major division in the action of a play
30.A set of conflicts and crises that constitute the parts of a play or story plot leading to the climax
32.A three-line Stanza form borrowed from the italian poets
34.Weakness or flaw of a character
35.Separated by danced choral songs
36.The differences between what is said or believed and what is actually the truth
39.The end
41.Two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme
42.The hero or heroine or main character in a story
43.Actions turns out to have the opposite effect from the one its doer had intended
44.A story acted out, usually on a stage
47.A stanza or three lines
48.A drama written to be read rather than acted on a stage
49.The idea that a play should be limited to a specific time, place, and story line
51.Epic simile, ends in a climax
52.A line of poetry
53.Comedy that involves ridiculous or hilarious complications without regard for human values
54.Comedy which wittily protrays fashionable life
2.a preparatory scene
3.A verbal wit, such as puns
4.Light play with a happy ending
5.Literary work that mocks a person, place, thing or idea using irony sarcasm and understatement
6.A greater regular pattern of stressed syllables in poetry
7.A serious play having an unhappy ending
12.A series of difficulties forming the cenral action in a narrative
14.The first line of an italian sonnet
16.Extreme pirde, leading to overconfidence
17.Plays almost no attention to human values, no literary value
19.A descriptive adjective or phrase used to characterize someone or something
20.A line of verse containing four feet
24.Involves a love affair but meets with various obstactles
27.poetry that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings
29.Poetry that nas no fixed meter or pattern and that dpends on the natural speech rhythms
31.Is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
33.a line of cerse consisting of three feet
37.A word, phrase, line or group of lines repeated regularly in a poem
38.A stanza or poem of four lines
40.A speecj, usually lengthy, in which a character along on stage expresses his or her thoughts aloud
45.A group of lines formng a unit in a poem
46.Words spoken by a character in a play, not intended to be heard by other characters on stage
50.An evil habit or wicked tendency present in characters

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